Haunt of Edgemont

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Haunt of Edgemont (Edgemont Haunt). A Halloween display with teeth. Dark and scary, not warm n' fuzzy. Absolutely no inflatables!

The Haunt of Edgemont was created by Trevor Watson, Jodie Blank and Asha DeChamplain in an effort to bring a little more Halloween spirit to the neighborhood. It began in 2006 with a humble Halloween display that included nothing more than a homemade tombstone prop and a rubber zombie mask. Since then, it has grown into a monstrous spectacle: a front yard cemetery full of ghosts’ n’ ghouls, a horde of zombies and an eight-foot tall caged werewolf (a fan-favorite). Watch out for the leering evil clowns as you pass the cemetery and, if you’re feeling brave, take a walk through our back yard “Rotters’ Wood” – where cackling witches dwell, giant spiders lurk, and twisted pumpkins watch with menace.
Every October, thousands of onlookers come to enjoy our Halloween display. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop by 3414 Emerald Drive in North Vancouver (on the corner of Edgemont Boulevard and Emerald Drive). The front yard is on display all day and the back yard is open 6pm – 10pm Monday to Friday, or 12pm – 10pm on weekends. We recommend the evening hours…so you may truly experience the terror of The Haunt of Edgemont!

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3414 Emerald Drive, North Vancouver, B.C.
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