Maison Hantée La Prairie Haunted House

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Maison Hantée extreme et très technique !! Sensors photoelectriques industriel, plusieurs `props` pneumatiques (16+), tunel hantée 150`, effets spéciaux CGI, système de son, éclairage, strobes, fumée qualité concert, panneaux de distribution de courant AC 200A, 4000+ visiteurs, associée avec Rêve D`Enfants.

Extreme technical home haunt, industrial photoelectric sensors, pneumatic props (16+), haunted tunnel 150`, CGI special effects, concert quality sound, lighting, smoke, 200A power feed, 4000+ visitors, associated with Children`s Wish Foundation.

While many home haunts focus on decor, ours focus on technical, and offers a very unique experience. Most of the halloween props are pneumatic and run off of a 60 gallon compressor. Industrial photoelectrics send signals to a DMX computer that then powers DMX AC packs to trigger the many pneumatic props (and a few animatronics too). 3 car port shelters are combined to create a 150` haunted tunnel maze. Add to that a 4000 watt QSC concert system, Martin Atomic strobes and Magnum smoke machines (2), plus LED lighting, and it looks and sounds like a show !! A 200A 16 circuit CAM Lock power distribution center powers the show. On top of the technical, we also have the rare opportunity to showcase the ECTO-1 Ghostbusters car, which is valued at over $150k, an exact replica of the original, signed by Dan Akroyd. We also have 2 zombie actors whose makeup is done by a professional movie special effects company, 3 hours of prosthetics and makeup per actor. And all for the cause of having fun while raising money for the Children`s Wish Foundation.

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120 Pompidou, La Prairie, Qc
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J5R 5X7

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