The House on Haunted Hill

Short Description
The creepy graveyard, Deadmans' Lane, and a roaring inferno.

A eclectic mix of hand made props mixed with store bought anamatronics, eerie lighting and effects with just a touch of cute.
The Graveyard: featuring a hand built smoking vampire coffin, transparent wraiths flying off the porch, and the Grim Reaper taunting you into the graveyard.
Deadmans' Lane: featuring a fully functioning hand built guillotine, a coven of witches and an assortment of frights waiting to jump out at you.
Roaring Inferno: The entire north side of the house (facing the hill) is engulfed in flames evident in the windows as well as smoke pouring out of the back porch.

437 Leslie St
Toronto, Ontario
Postal Code
M4M 3E3

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