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Nous sommes un événement halloween qui a pour buts de donner en abondance, offrir un souvenir aux gens, recycler des matériaux et des décorations et aider les plus démunis.

Im French Canadian, living in Quebec province. I create events, all genres. I love halloween because it's a very creative opportunity for the artist that I am. One aspect of what I create is that I always try to help people while doing it. So for halloween, i named my event The Halloween Project (in french). This project is produced by "La Guignolée des Pères Noël Anonymes" (The anonymous Santa Claus cause) which is active since 2014th. I've called it this way because we like to help others in an anonymous ways and also people that refere us to others are doing it anonymously as well. We give all year long free objects, clothes & services to the community that we recieve from people OR that we find ourselves anywhere, even in the waste. I hate wasting things that could be gold for others. The givers and the receivers are matched by us but no one knows who helped whom. Ok so this is the basics of who we are.

The halloween project is ONE OF THE activities that we do to help. We do festivals, auctions without money, giveaways, christmas activities, etc. So at halloween, it's not just a haunted house. It's a way of giving. Our first goal is to do it for the disadvantaged families. So we give gifts instead of few candies. Gifts that we accumulated all year long for this special day. We open few days before exclusively for the poor families, schools, kindergarten, etc. This way they have the priority on chosing their gifts... we give A LOT of objects. Thousands of them. We also give candies, beverages, homemade snacks, fruits, etc. We are not commercial and neither is the Anonymous Santa Claus cause registered as an organization. We are just good hearted people volounteering and so we have absolutly no budget. So we open for general public on halloween night and we give what's left to the visitors. We have a box for funding our mission but... i never gain over 50$. So... lol. But I keep on doing it every year anyways. Ive told you i hate wasting things? Well, all our halloween projects are made with recycling stuff. I carried it myself going through industrial containers... 2018th was a sorta labyrinth, outdoors, but it was also inside my appartment. I try to vary the concept every year, not so the theme. The theme always stays to GIVE and to RECYCLE. Last year (2017th), I rent a local wich cost me over 2000$... it was a complete different concept. We had 7 rooms, an outdoor way and in each room we had contest, challenges or some king of interaction with actors depending on the age of the visitors. It ruined me. Actors didnt show up, fire alarm went on and firemen showed up. Police also came because someone steal from my invalid volounteer mom her credit cards infos, her cellphone... it was a disaster. Well... let's talk about how different it'll be next time? Maybe in a school bus? Maybe something totally different? I don't know. One thing i forgot to say is that I always have challenges to do for the brave visitors. First time i did that was to make them taste bad candies. The year after was the same but i added a pair of cinema tickets to win and better acting... The year after was eating bad candies OR insects for cinema tickets and they all had gifts after trying. Maybe next time i'll do an eating challenge with pork tongues! lol. I don't think i fit as a haunted house. That's why I call it Halloween Project. Usually, i'm indoors, not outdoors. 2018th was an exception, I was both. I hate props so i dont have any electronics. I love human acting but hey... hard to find some volounteers! So I do with what I have. I love to create an ambiance. I use some cheap lightings, a cheap fog machine, 2 small guitar amps as speakers for the music, one microphone in which I talk to say shit to people in line, to scare or to promote stuff. I have water spraying like fog from a bottle to surprise visitors passing near a window. Oh and i take EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM in photo that I photobooth myself so they can have a souvenir. It's a fucking long task to do. Some editions, i gave a list of all decorated houses of the city with a ranking and i went myself in all streets to make that list so people can have more visitors to their house or so visitors can know where to go. Also, i've done a workshop of decorating pumpkins which I included in my decor for halloween and visitors passing by rated them. The winner got tickets for cinema. Also, I always gather costumes or halloween stuff all year long to make a giveaway for poor people few days before halloween.

I also do vlogs (videos) of all the preparations, the steps I had to deal with along the construction, the decorating part... people can follow everything Ive done to get the final result. This year, i didnt have time yet to upload them onto youtube but the playlist of 2017th of approx 20 videos is on my youtube channel.

I also do all my posters, tickets, pamphlets... myself. I do press conferences, etc. I even give at the exit of each haunt a "thank you card". On this card they can find the facebook page to see if they win something, their photo, the videos, etc.

The video i sent for the Canadian Haunters contest is in french so that's why I've explained it here a bit.

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Drummondville. Adresse et ville changent chaque année.
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